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Boys' Lacrosse


If you are interested in joining the EHS boys Lacrosse team, you will need a drug consent form and athletic packet on file before trying out. See Mr. Rainey for further information! Conditioning begins October 1st.

Boys Lacrosse 2020 Schedule

2Date Day Opponent Location Time
Feb. 14 Fri PHS Escambia 6:00
Feb. 19 Wed Washington Washington 6:00
Feb. 24 Mon Milton Escambia 6:00
Feb. 26 Wed Brother Martin Escambia 6:00

Feb. 28 

Fri West Florida Escambia 6:30
Mar. 02 Mon Gulf Breeze Escambia 6:00
Mar. 04 Wed. Catholic Catholic 6:00
Mar. 06 Fri South Walton Escambia 6:00
Mar. 11 Wed. Washington Escambia 6:00
Mar. 13  Fri. Niceville Escambia 6:00
Mar. 25 Wed. Milton Milton 6:00
Mar. 31 Tues. West Florida West Florida 6:30
Apr. 02 Mon. Gulf Breeze Gulf Breeze 6:00
Apr. 08 Wed. PHS PHS 6:00
Contact Robert Rainey  Robert Rainey Teacher
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