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Boys' Lacrosse



If you are interested in joining the EHS boys Lacrosse team, you will need a drug consent form and athletic packet on file before trying out. See Mr. Rainey for further information! Conditioning begins Jan 2nd.

Boys Lacrosse 2017-18 Schedule


Jan. 29 Mon. 1st practice at Escambia 3:30


Feb. 14 Wed. Jamboree at Catholic TBD


Feb. 17 Sat. Jamboree II at Catholic TBD


Feb. 20 Tues. West Florida HS at Escambia 7:00


Feb. 22 Thurs. Escambia at Sea Coast 6:30


Feb. 23 Fri. Escambia at PHS 6:00


Feb. 27 Tues. Catholic at Escambia 6:00


Mar. 02 Fri. Escambia at Washington 6:00


Mar. 06 Tues. PHS at Escambia 6:00


Mar. 09 Fri. Escambia at Milton 6:00


Mar. 12 Mon. Gulf Breeze at Escambia 6:00


Mar. 14 Wed. Sea Coast at Escambia 6:00


Mar. 16 Fri. Washington at Escambia 6:00


Mar. 19 Mon. Escambia at Catholic 6:00


Mar. 21 Wed. Escambia at West Florida 6:30


Mar. 22 Thurs. Escambia at Gulf Breeze 6:00


Apr. 02 Mon. Escambia at South Walton 6:30


Apr. 03 Tues. Milton at Escambia 6:00


Apr. 05 Thurs. South Walton at Escambia 6:30


Apr. 18 and Apr 20  District Tournament at Gulf Breeze HS   

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