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Culinary Academy

Why should you join the Escambia Culinary Academy?

The students in the culinary academy, now taught by Chef Michael Davis, learn a multitude of recipes and gain vast knowledge about the Culinary arts over four years. Students also have to oppurtunity to obtain certifications such as Serve Safe and Safe Staff certifications, these can help students further their education in the Culinary business. The Culinary Academy offers endless possibilty to students!

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Course sequence

Course Sequence:


Culinary Arts 1 (8800510)

Culinary Arts 2 (8800520)

Culinary Arts 3 (8800530)

Culinary Arts 4/OJT (8800540) 


Industry Certification:


Safe Staff, Serve Safe, National ProStart Certificate of Achievement, Certified Culinarian Certification (CC)