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Escambia County Departments

Department Heads
Contact Wendy Bonal-Smith  Wendy Bonal-Smith Teacher
Contact Zachary Bookout  Zachary Bookout Teacher
Contact Keitha Brown  Keitha Brown Teacher
Contact Linda Danks  Linda Danks Teacher
Contact Alicia Gifford  Alicia Gifford Teacher
Contact Douglas Holsworth  Douglas Holsworth Teacher
Contact Amy Hornick  Amy Hornick Teacher
Contact Martha Hugus  Martha Hugus Teacher
Contact Cindy Knowlton  Cindy Knowlton Teacher
Contact Melanie McElhaney  Melanie McElhaney Assistant Principal
Contact Frank Murphy  Frank Murphy Principal
Contact Esi Shannon  Esi Shannon Assistant Principal
Contact Eddie Thompson  Eddie Thompson (850) 453-3221 ex: 254 Senior Naval Science Instructor
Contact Terrie Wright  Terrie Wright (850) 453-3221 ex: 287 Teacher