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Military & Family Life Counseling

A Warm Welcome to Our Military Families!

 About the MFLC Program

Escambia High School is pleased to offer non-medical counseling to our military affiliated students. Our Military and Family Life Counselor(MFLC) has helped students with a variety of challenges, including school adjustment, deployment and separation, academics, communication, behavioral concerns, and stress management.  Non-medical counseling sessions are free and confidential*(no records kept). 


About the Quarter Deck 

The Quarter Deck is a lounge located in the Innovation Center that is aimed at connecting military-affiliated students to civilians.  The lounge features comfortable furniture, a custom mural created by AP Art students, microwave, and a computer.  The computer is equipped with Skype to allow students to connect with their deployed family member. Information, parental consent forms, additional referrals/resources, and requests for appointments can be found in Guidance and at the Quarterdeck. Additional details about the MFLC program can be found at Military One Source or on the MFLC brochure (above), or please see the MFLC or Guidance if you have any questions. So come on by!


  • Discover what the Military and Family Life Counseling Program offers.
  • 24-hour support is always available to our Military families through Military One Source.
  • MFLC Parental consent (required for services) can be downloaded and printed by students, parents, or referral source, and must be signed by parent or guardian. Parent Information
  • Pick up your grades with

  • Fleet And Family Services' Monthly Newsletter:  At Ease and The Beacon

  • Student to Student: S2S Information

    S2S applications now available in the Quarterdeck, stay tuned for upcoming events.                                


Ms. Kimberl is located in the Quarter Deck in the Innovation Center. Ms. Kimberl is available Monday through Friday during gator time and by appointment.


The Quarter Deck
EHS Quarter Deck