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Try-outs are January 21, 2020 after school. All paperwork must be completed and turned in to Coach Davis in room 505 before trying out.

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2020 Varsity/JV Softball Schedule




Team/ Time

Feb. 11 Pre-season Tate     V-TBA
Feb. 13 Pre-season Tate     V-TBA
Feb. 18th Fort Walton Beach FWB   JV-4:30 V-6:30
Feb. 20 Pine Forest PFHS     V-6:00
Feb. 21 Pensacola EHS     V-6:00
Feb. 20 JV Tourn   WFHS   JV-TBA  
Feb. 21 JV Tourn   WFHS   JV-TBA  
Feb. 22 JV Tourn   WFHS   JV-TBA  
Feb. 22 JV Tourn   WFHS   JV-TBA  
Feb. 25 Tate   EHS   JV-4:30 V-6:30
Feb. 28 TBA   PC     V-TBA
Feb. 28 TBA   PC     V-TBA
Feb. 29 TBA   PC     V-TBA
Feb. 29 TBA   PC     V-TBA
Mar. 4 Gulf Breeze GBHS   JV-4:30 V-6:30
Mar. 6 Crestview EHS   JV-4:30 V-6:30
Mar. 10 Washington WHS   JV-4:30 V-6:30
Mar. 12 Pace   PHS   JV-4:30 V-6:30
Mar. 13 Crestview CHS   JV-4:30 V-6:30
Mar. 24 West Florida Tech EHS   JV-4:30 V-6:30
Mar. 26 Northview NHS   JV-4:00 V-6:00
Mar. 27 Navarre   NHS   JV-4:30 JV-6:30
Mar.31 Milton   MHS   JV-4:30 V-6:30
Apr. 2 Washington EHS   JV-4:30 V-6:30
Apr. 3 Gulf Breeze EHS   JV-4:30 V-6:30
Apr. 7 Tate   THS   JV-4:30 V-6:30
Apr. 9 Milton   EHS   JV-4:30 V-6:30
Apr. 14 Pace   EHS   JV-4:30 V-6:30
Apr. 16 Pine Forest EHS     V-6:00
Apr. 21 West Florida Tech WFHS   JV-4:30 V-6:30
Apr. 23 Northview EHS   JV-4:00 V-6:00
Apr. 24 Fort Walton Beach EHS   JV-4:30 V-6:30
Apr. 28 District Tournament PFHS     4:30 or 6:30
Apr. 30 District Tournament PFHS     7:00
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