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Diamonds Alumni Association

Dear Prospective Donor:


The Escambia High School Band Staff is dedicated to guiding its students to reach their highest possible level of excellence. The ultimate goal is to instill a life-long appreciation and love for music.

The Diamonds Alumni Association is a newly formed band booster sponsored organization, which was created in order to celebrate this love and appreciation for music while raising funds for the Escambia High School Diamonds Indoor Percussion Ensemble and enabling current members to earn sponsorships.

The Diamonds annually compete locally, regionally and nationally.  Each year the group competes in the WGI World Percussion Championships in Dayton, Ohio. Nationally there are over 3000 units that compete every year at regional and local events.  The Diamonds are consistently in the top 10% in the nation as far as scoring and placement is concerned.  The group has won many awards and trophies over the past 20 years.

The donations we collect as an organization goes directly to benefit the students through equipment, music, uniforms, instruments, instructors, travel, and various other expenses. The director and staff of the Diamonds Indoor Percussion Ensemble all work tirelessly to budget expenses in order to meet the needs of the program and keep up with the rising costs of competing locally regionally and nationally, while making membership as affordable as possible for the students.

We are asking for your support in helping to sponsor our ensemble through the alumni association by sending a tax-deductible donation of any amount you choose.  Our annual expenses per student averages over $600 as well as ensemble operating and travel cost that are annually into the 10 thousand dollars range.  Soliciting financial help from outside sources is critical to the process of being able   to provide the highest quality of music education to all of our students.

We would gratefully appreciate your kind consideration in making a contribution that will help us meet the financial needs of our program. In our current economic state, funding is limited from our school board and other sources of education dollars, so community support plays a central role in the survival and success of the Diamonds Indoor Percussion Ensemble.

If you have any questions, or if you need tax exempt info please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Email the Alumni Association at


Thank you very much for your time and your consideration!


The Diamonds Alumni Association

The Diamonds Indoor Percussion Ensemble

Diamonds Directors and Staff

Percussion Directors - Dustin Hicklen and Bryce Coots

Percussion Instructors - Nicole Corleone and Tyler Martin

Visual Coordinator - Eddie Lopez

The Diamonds Indoor Percussion History

The Diamonds Indoor Percussion Ensemble was formed by, Mr. Terry Sanders, Retired Director of Percussion at Escambia High School.   After enjoying numerous Fall Season "Best in Class" and "High Drum" caption awards dating from 1983 to present, the competitive interest of the percussion students started to turn a new and exiting venue to display their rudimental skills as well as compete at a more intense level of competition.  

1991: In 1991, the first year of the Diamonds' existence, WGI had not formed classifications or competitions for Percussion. The Diamonds had 1 show in the great State of Virginia and won their very first competition. The selections were "The Crypt Keeper" "Turkey in the Hood" and "The Pursuit of the lady with the yellow feathered Hat".

1992 and 1993: In 1992 and 1993 the Diamonds did not compete; there was not a local circuit formed for percussion. 

1994: In 1994 the Gulf Coast Color Guard Circuit created a local circuit to give High School and Independent Percussion units the ability to showcase their talents and compete. 

1995: The Diamonds first competed on the local circuit level. The Show entitled "Disney" contained the selections, "When you wish Upon a Diamond", "The Bear Necessities", "Shear Kahn", and "The Bear Necessities, Reprise". The group competed in several local shows and in the GCCG Circuit Championships. 

1996: In 1996 the Diamonds put on the "Church Lady Show" selection were "Break Bread", "Ode to Joy", and "Shout". The Diamonds competed locally and Regionally, placing 3rd in the Percussion Scholastic A class at the WGI Mid-South Regional in Nashville and had a fourth place finish at the GCCG Circuit Championships. 

1997: In 1997 the Diamonds outfitted in U.S. Army Fatigues and Combat Boots traveled into hostile territory in search of the Perfect Beat. The show entitled "Looking for the Perfect Beat" was dedicated to the current Front Ensemble Tech, Rodell Castillo. The selections were all original compositions penned by the units director, Terry Sanders. The Diamonds competed locally and Regionally, taking First place in Percussion Scholastic A at the Mid - South Regional in Nashville. The Diamonds completed the year by being crowned Gulf Coast Circuit Champions in the Percussion Scholastic A Class. 

1998: In 1998 the Diamonds decided to honor the home front by presenting a Beach Show. The show entitled "A Day at The Beach" was a hit. The selections were "Sugar White Sanz", "Morning Dance", "Margaritaville" and "Sailing". The Diamonds competed locally, regionally, and for the first time in the history of the school, the group competed Nationally. The Diamonds place 2nd in the Scholastic Open Class at the WGI Mid-South Regional in Nashville Tenn. a third place showing at the GCCG Circuit Championships, and Tied for 16th place out of 24 units at the WGI World Finals in Dayton, Ohio. 

1999: In 1999 The Diamonds turned to a latin groove to display their talents. The show entitled "Cinco de Mayo, The Celebration" was a very high energy show which depicted a celebration of the Mexican Independence Holiday "Cinco de Mayo". The selections were "Samba Pa Ti" ,"Jingo Jingo", "Oye Como Va" and "Para Ti Latino". In 1999 "The Diamonds" Placed 3rd in the Percussion Scholastic Open Class at the WGI Mid-South Regional in Nashville Tenn. The Diamonds turned in a strong 2nd place showing in the PSO class at the South Regional in Pensacola Florida. The group also finished an extremely close second in the PSO Class at the GCCG Circuit Championships. In the groups second year attending WGI World Finals "The Diamonds" made finals in the PSO class at the WGI World Finals in Dayton, Ohio. The Diamonds captured an 7th place spot among 22 other competitive units. 

2000: In 2000 The Diamonds performed their show entitled "Visual Jeopardy". That year they won the Houston regional, finished 3rd at the Pensacola regional, placed 2nd in the GCGC Circuit Championships, and were a semi-finalist in the PSO classification at WGI World Finals in Dayton, Ohio.

2001: In 2001 The Diamonds performed their show entitled "Dave Dreamin': All Dave, All Night". This year was a fine year for the Diamonds, including a 1st place win in Nashville, 2nd place at the Pensacola regional, 2nd at GCGC Circuit Championships, and ended with a spectacular 4th place finish in PSO at World Finals. 

2002: In the 2002, The Diamonds experienced an amazing season with their Crazy Lady Show, actual title of "One Flew Over". While competing in Nashville at the Mid South Regional, their performance was enough to promote The Diamonds to World Class, and they ended up taking 1st place. At the WGI South Regional in Pensacola, they won 1st place, and at the Circuit Championships, they placed second. They ended their spectacular season with a 5th Place Finish at PSW World Finals in Dayton, Ohio.

2003: In 2003 The Diamonds took it back a few decades to bring you the show "The 70's". This show featured songs famous from that infamous era including "Joy to the World", "Free Ride", "Play that Funky Music" and other fun charts. They won 2nd at the Nashville Regional, 3rd at the Pensacola Regional, 2nd at Circuit Championships, and just barely missed finals --13th place-- at the PSW World Finals in Dayton.

2004: In 2004, The Diamonds had another great season. The show, "Four Little Girls", retold the infamous 16th Street Baptist Church bombing incident that resulted in the death of four innocent girls. That year, they won 1st place at the Pensacola Regional, 3rd place at the Nashville Regional, and placed 3rd at the Dayton Regional. The Diamonds did not compete in WGI World Finals that year because it was hosted in California.

2005: In 2005, The Diamonds' Show, "Dave's Auto Shop", was a show about an auto shop owner who decides to sell some stolen car parts from someone he thought he could trust. Turns out this lady and her accomplice worked for the FBI. In the end, Dave get's away with the money and these ladies of the FBI are left with nothing. That year, The Diamonds took 3rd at the Pensacola Regional, 3rd place at Circuit Championships, and ended the season with a 10th Place finish in PSW World Finals in Dayton.

2006: In 2006, The Diamonds presented their show entitled "A Eurythmic Tangent". It can be described as a percussive journey in which aesthetically pleasing rhythms mirror graceful and rhythmical body movement. The production was a system of physical exercise, therapy, musical training and a constant cohesion of mood, direction, color and linear curvature shapes to create an amazing show. They came in 3rd place at the Pensacola Regional, 3rd place at the Nashville Regional, 2nd Place at Circuit Championships, and finished their season with a 10th Place finish in PSW World Finals in Dayton.

2007: The Diamonds presented their show, entitled "LOST," in 2007. During this season, the group attained 2nd place at GCG&PC Circuit Championships, 2nd place at the Pensacola Regional, 5th place at the Nashville Regional, and 15th place at the PSW World Championships in Dayton, Ohio. 

2008: The Diamonds presented their show entitled "Anger Management".  The show was aggressive and in your face.  The show did include 2 therapeutic moments where the anger was subdued, but eventually true to form, anger took this show right in to the 2008 PSW world finals.  The best WGI finals playing run to date by the 2008 Diamonds.  2nd Place GCGC finals, 4th Place Nashville Regional Finals, 2nd Place Pensacola Regional finals, and 16th Place 2008 WGI Finals, first year of percussion in the UD Arena.

2009: The Diamonds presented their show "WITHOUT".  An impressive performance that reminded the audience of everything they could possibly be without.  Ranging from Love to loved ones, this was a very personal show for the performers.  A special group winning every show they attended except for WGI World Finals.  1st Place WGI Pensacola Regional, 1 Place all GCGC Circuit Shows.  Did not attend GCGC Championships in 2009 due to a Band Trip to New York.  WGI Semi Finals.

2010: The Diamonds -Escambia High School – "LISTEN"
6th Place, 90.663 - WGI PSO Finals

Sky blue curves representing sound waves were painted against a black tarp – just one of several visual references to sound and how it affects us. A lone speaker – or possibly a sub-woofer – rested in the upper right corner as the definition of the word "listen" opened the program. The performers were clearly invested in their show, displaying considerable musical chops as they employed the various styles of music littered throughout. An especially moving ballad section focused on how people should listen on the inside, or listen to the sound of silence – with a lone snare drummer pretending to play. Other segments stated that sometimes we have no choice to listen, which was followed by a rather disconcerting message left on an answering machine. The last few moments cited how we listen with our eyes, our mind and ultimately our hearts, followed by sampled vocals that led to an explosive closing segment.
2nd place WGI Nashville Regional - 1st Place WGI Pensacola Regional, 1 Place all GCGC Circuit Shows - GCGC 2010 PSO Champions. 

2011: The Diamonds present their show "REMEMBER..."  
9th Place 91.263 - WGI PSO Finals 
The power of memory is a remarkable subject.  In one instant we can travel back and explore a sliver of time, and instantly recall the emotions from that gasp in history.  So with Escambia's program, "Remember," there lies a considerable challenge in effectively portraying they power of memory and the emotions it generally evokes.  But this poses as no challenge for the talented performers, whose musical prowess and performance caliber are definite enhancements to an emotionally stirring program.  It is a lofty ambition to attempt to craft a program geared at a variety of emotions, but Escambia manages this miraculous feat with favorable results.  And the use of sampling from key historical figures also lent itself to the show's thematic aim - to reflect upon the prolific moments of our lives and remember what we felt in those delicate, fleeting moments.