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Make-up Work Policy

A change was made in the R and R Handbook, page 1, paragraph 3 for the 2018-2019 school year regarding the make-up work policy for unexcused absences and OSS. This policy will go into effect immediately. The make-up work policy is as follows:

Students shall make up all graded class work and tests assigned during an unexcused tardy, check in or check out, absence, or OSS. All missed work during an unexcused absence must be requested by the student or parent/guardian either during the absence or on the day the student returns to school. A timeline for the completion of all missed work and/or tests will be determined by the teacher and the student and shall not exceed the number of days the student was out of school. At the teacher's discretion, graded class work/tests will be accepted for partial credit (with no more than a ten percent (10%) reduction, or full credit.